High specific energy lithium cells for space exploration

F. Farmakis, N. Georgoulas, I. Karafyllidis, I. Amoiridis, C. Elmasides, S. Balomenou, D. Tsiplakides, M. Nestoridi
2016. 11th European Space Power Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece, October 2016

ABSTRACT: The paper discusses development under an ESA TRP activity (Contract No. 22329/09/NL/CBI) with a target of high specific energy Lithium-ion cells, capable of operating under low temperature conditions, i.e. -40°C. Such cells may be encountered in future exploration missions, which do not consider the use of Radioisotope Heater Units. During the activity, ≥1 Ah silicon-based high energy density prototype cells, following components characterization and optimization, were designed, developed, manufactured and tested under room and subzero temperature conditions down to -40°C. The developed and tested prototype cells exhibited energy density of around 208 Wh/Kg at room temperature under C/10 charge-discharge rate within voltage range of 2.8 V and 4.1 V. Moreover, the prototype cells could retain and deliver more than 75% of their capacity at room temperature upon cycling at -40°C, demonstrating an energy density of 140 Wh/kg.

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