Facilities of MNTLab @ DUTH

Infrastructure and Equipment

The Micro and Nano-Technology Lab occupies an area of 240 m2. Equipment for: material fabrication, layers and device characterization, electrochemical cell manufacturing and characterization, are the basic components for its research and educational activities.

Layer and device characterization:

  • Clean Room 45 m2 (class 100-10000)
  • Parameter analyzer for I-V and C-V measurements (Keithley, HP)
  • Probe station (Karlsuss)
  • Quantum efficiency tool for tandem cells
  • Profilometer (Dektak)
  • UV-Vis spectroscopy
  • Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) system
  • Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS)
  • Hall measurement tool
  • Set-up for chemical sensing
  • 3x8-channel battery testers (2 Basytec, 1Neware)
  • Cyclic Voltammetry and Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (Palmsense 3 & 4)
  • Solar simulator
  • FTIR spectroscopy

Material and device fabrication:

  • Diffusion- and oxidation ovens for temperatures up to 1100oC
  • Systems for materials growth (Crystal Puller, DC and RF-Sputtering, RTLP-CVD)
  • Evaporators for metal deposition (Al, Au, Au-Pt, Pd, W) (Alcatel)
  • Photolithography station and chemical bench for developing alternative materials and structures (Karlsuss)
  • Spin coater (Ossila)
  • Centrifugal equipment
  • Electrophoretic Deposition set-up
  • 4-hand glovebox (humidity level: 1 ppm, Jacomex) with pre-heating antichamber
  • Electrode slurry mixer
  • Planetary Ball Mill (TMAX)
  • Film Applicator (TMAX)
  • Hot Rod Roll Press (Calendering) (TMAX)
  • Pouch cell assembly equipment (pouch case welding and electrolyte filling) (TOB)
  • Tab welder (TOB)
  • Electrochemical cell assembly stations (for Swagelok®, coin and pouch cells)




The FAB process equipment

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