Microsensors Technology

Internet of Things describes a technology that is capable among others to enable the communication and the exchange of information between various devices and namely microsensors. Therefore, it becomes obvious that there is a need for new highly sensitive and low-energy microsensors that can be integrated in various surfaces and environments.

MNT Lab is developing and characterizing microsensors, more specifically with novel 2D materials such as graphene and graphene oxide, with low-temperature processes so as to enable the technology transfer to flexible and low-cost materials.

Material and Device Development

With the aid of large-area microtechnology and less expensive techniques such as electrophoretic deposition and spin coating, any sensors can be fabricated.

Device characterization

A fully automated chemical sensing test bench with the possibility to heat up the devices up to 150 oC, enables the characterization of chemical sensors.

Research Highlights

Graphene oxide (or reduced graphene oxide) Humidity Sensors

image 7
image 8

Resistive humidity sensors with graphene oxide or reduced graphene oxide active layer and sensitivity at room temperature in air humidity (comparison with commercial sensor).